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U.S. Based Director Roster

American Black Market is a full service production company that specializes in producing cinematic, live-action content. With original ideas and unconventional thinking, ABM produces content for some of the most exceptional brands, agencies, and talent in the world. Our team has carefully hand picked its roster of innovative directors, each having the understanding to masterfully deliver turnkey products for our clients.

The company was co-founded in 2012 by its Executive Producer, Brent Madison, and its Creative Director, Brian Michael Henderson, with the mandate of producing commercial advertising, branded entertainment and high-end digital content. ABM believes in delivering the finest and purest form of an envisioned product, while staying on time and on budget. Our creative teams work tirelessly to ensure project quality, turnaround, and client satisfaction.


Brands & Agencies Serviced

L'Oreal Closeup
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Los Angeles Office:

Executive Producer
Brent Madison

Creative Director
Brian Henderson

Ryan M. Murphy

Contact Information:

American Black Market
North American Headquarters
+1 323 454 0400
Los Angeles, CA

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